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Let’s face it, all the random items that can’t fit into the attic or utility room end up out here in the garage.  After a while… or maybe just a week… your stuff literally gets buried under more stuff in a final resting place.  One day you need a conquistador helmet, remember you have one and start the search.  After much digging through memory and junk, you realize the helmet is in an old cardboard box in the garage slowly being crushed by a broken TV holding several tomato plant stakes and roughly three miles of icicle lights.  Everything has a fresh dusting of pollen.  You decide to check the internet and pay overnight shipping for a new helmet.

Conquer the clutter.  Call Angie’s Custom Closets & More.  Let us build walls of cabinets to hold yard tools, storage and recycling bins, seasonal and holiday items, sports and hobby equipment, boots and umbrellas, power tools and pet food.  We build workbenches and gardening stations.  We install slat wall with baskets and organizers and custom hooks for conquistador helmets.